Last night, my lovely girlfriend and her mother invited me to see the new Hobbit movie "The Battle of the Five Armies".  They have read the book and saw the first two installments of the film trilogy.  They were stoked.  I was sleepy.

Sure, the 3D glasses were cool.  Yes, the special effects were awesome.  But after the first 15 sword fights, the story just drags on and on.  And it never ends.  I tried really hard to get into it, but after about 45 minutes in that comfy theater chair, I was asleep.  Several times during the movie, I was nudged because I was snoring and/or drooling on myself.

Every single time I woke up, it was as if the same exact scene was happening all over again.  It seemed like the movie would never end.  I think the credits might actually still be playing.  For their part, my girlfriend and her mom were also disappointed, which is saying something because they are total Hobbit / Lord of the Rings nerds.

If someone tries to drag you to see the new Hobbit movie against your will, don't go.

Here's 10 activities you can do instead that will be far less boring:

1. Get a head start on your taxes
2. Watch someone else play video games
3. Study up on the latest agricultural regulations
4. Call tech support and ask them to put you on hold
5. Turn on the Golf Channel
6. Surf over to C-Span
7. Learn all about writing computer code
8. Listen to someone talk about the weather
9. Attend a City Hall meeting
10. Read some idiot radio DJ's blog