Honestly, I hadn't a clue that Netflix was still in the business of DVDs by mail... but it turns out, they still were. At least until the end of September, when DVD.com was redirected to Netflix.com.

Does Anyone Watch DVDs still?

Honestly, I have not held a DVD in my hands in the last 10 years or so. I've been fortunate enough to live in places where I have had high-speed internet access (even if it was stupidly priced, and had to watch how much data I used).

I know I have some DVDs still back at my parents' house in a DVD trapper keeper thing... but I have no use for them at this point in life. If I love a movie, I buy it online and have a copy forever. Or, if I simply want to watch a new movie and it is on a streaming service, I'll pay for a month... and binge-watch to my heart's desire.

Where Can You Even Rent A DVD These Days?

Essentially, you've got a single option locally. Redbox. There are 20 or so locations scattered around Billings for your convenience... which is great for those who may still want a disk.

Otherwise, there are similar DVD by Mail subscription services still in existence... such as GameFly. But the answer remains... why would you rent something for $2.25 or so a day... when you can view it online?

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I can really only think of one. People living in rural locations. But even now, with unlimited internet services like Starlink, Verizon/T-Mobile home internet, etc... I guess it is finally the end of the DVD era.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you still love DVDs? Did you ever use Netflix when it shipped DVDs? Let us know via App Chat or on Facebook.

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