We are not only giving you a chance to win $1,000 dollars every weekday in November on the air, but you can also win 10,000 dollars on our website.  Now, how to spend that money?

1.  Rent out Red Lodge Mountain for a long weekend with friends and family.

2. Take over Yellowstone Valley Brewing for a day and learn how to brew their delicious beer.

3. Make the Moss Mansion home for one week.

4. Bring Joan Jett to the Alberta Bair Theater.

5. Show free movies at Amusement Park Drive In for a couple of weeks.

6. Rent out Stacked and feed people for free for a day.

7. Take all the Girl/Boy Scouts horse back riding for a day, then to McDonald's and give the rest to the organizations.

8. Rent out the Crown Plaza and give all the homeless a place to sleep for the night.

9. Buy an exotic pet from the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary bring home with trainer.

10. Re-enact a battle at Little Bighorn, costumes fake guns and fake blood.

What would you do?


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