Have you been looking for tickets to Journey... and noticed they are, essentially, sold out? Well... your friend and favorite radio station, 103.7 The Hawk, has a deal for you!

Turns out... we might have been holding onto a few pairs of tickets. Whoops. ;)

How YOU Can Win Tickets To Journey from 103.7 The Hawk!

  1. Download the 103.7 The Hawk Mobile App.
  2. Fill out the form below.
  3. Visit This Page on Monday, March 11th after 12:01 PM to see who won!


Congratulations to...

  • Joe Keener
  • Craig Johnson
  • Kelly LaMere

You ALL have won a pair of tickets to JOURNEY and TOTO at First Interstate Arena THIS WEDNESDAY at 7:30!

You can claim your prize at the Townsquare Floor of the DoubleTree Hotel (23rd Floor), between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM.

Well then... let's get this party rolling! Follow along below to register to win.

Step 1: Download the 103.7 The Hawk Mobile App

If you haven't added the 103.7 The Hawk mobile app yet, you should! We do special giveaways EXCLUSIVE to the Mobile App, via Push Notifications... and you MIGHT be missing out!

If you have an Android Phone (Samsung, OnePlus, Pixel, etc), download the 103.7 The Hawk app via the button below!

Or, if you have an iPhone or iPad, download the 103.7 The Hawk mobile app via the button below!

Once downloaded, the app will prompt you to enable notifications. This is optional, however, you will miss out on notifications of Breaking News, App-Only Giveaways, and more. (Personally, I have my notifications customized, to only push Breaking News through. You can customize your notification settings in the app. All Giveaways are pushed through "Breaking News".)

Step 2: Fill Out The Form

Now that you're all ready with the 103.7 The Hawk mobile app, fill out the form below!

Step 3: Mark Your Calendars

Once you've filled out the form above, set a reminder in your phone... or add a calendar event... to check this page on Monday, March 11th at 12:10 PM MST to see who the winner is! (Winner drawn at 12:01 PM on Monday, March 11th.)


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