Never in my life did I think I would ever be communicating with others using basic cartoon graphics. I resisted at first, but eventually gave in to the pressure. They're easy and fun to use and sometimes they can really help convey a certain emotion while texting. I mostly use the smiley face, thumbs up, laughing face and heart emoji. Sometimes food or drink emojis, and every once in while the peach and eggplant serve their purpose.

Did you know there is an encyclopedia for emojis? It's A couple of days ago they Tweeted a graphic showing the 117 new emojis that will be rolling out to your mobile device in the next few months. How soon you get them depends mostly on your device manufacturer and/or mobile carrier.

So far my favorite is the Groucho Marx looking face guy. I'll probably use him in conjunction with the suspicious looking potted plant. You can see each new emoji and it's description HERE.

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