Science Says This Is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World
Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. What you might think is beautiful and what I consider beautiful can be completely different. However, using a formula called the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, researchers can use science to determine what is considered ultimate beauty.
We Tried Oreo’s New Mystery Flavor
Normally, when we pass the Oreo end-cap, there is a 50/50 chance I'll let her talk me into getting a package. This time, I couldn't say no. "Dad, it's a mystery flavor! We HAVE to try them!". Sure, why not.
Weed Moms are the New Thing
Look out Wine Moms... with more states legalizing marijuana in some form, more moms are showing that they enjoy "going green". Could Weed Mom be the new meme?
Dream Cars by State
According to the hashtags, these are the dream cars that residents of each state dream about. I was surprised by Montanas pick.
Missing Laurel Woman
A body was discovered Wednesday evening. Authorities have not yet released the ID of the body and internet speculation is running wild that it could be the body of missing Laurel woman Lori Bray.

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