After nearly a week's worth of teasers on their social media pages, the Montana Fair @ Metra Park has announced their first MAJOR concert for 2023!

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Chicken & Beer...?

The first teaser sent out to the followers on Facebook on April 21st was a cartoon chicken, holding a beer. As the first teaser, many speculated it would be the Zac Brown Band... however, a local radio DJ (who you may know as McLovin) pointed out that Zac Brown Band is in New York during Montana Fair, making that an unlikely choice.

Peanut Butter & A Spoon...

Here's an odd one, unless you saw the JIF Peanut Butter commercial in the past few months. One lone local guessed Jelly Roll... which I don't understand why... but at this point, it was obvious. However, the game must continue.

Holding Two Grammys

This was the teaser that sold it because everyone can look at Getty Images online. Two Grammys at once is equally pretty rare. We now knew it was... LUDACRIS. But, there are more teasers.

Usher... Justin Bieber... Fergie... Snoop Dogg... And Carrie Underwood?

A simple mashup of the collabs Luda has done. If you don't remember why he was with Carrie Underwood, here's a refresher for our country radio fans.

A Koenigsegg CCX-R Edition... (Expensive Super Car)

The final teaser, which really should have been earlier on. This ultra-expensive and rare supercar from Koenigsegg, the CCX-R Edition, was the car Ludacris drove in Fast Five. I'd link to a YouTube video normally... but copyrights and such prevent that. Just Google it.

Ludacris is coming to Montana Fair!

And the fair made it official. This year, one of the MAJOR acts will be Ludacris on August 13th! If you're looking for tickets, you can secure yours starting THIS FRIDAY at 10 am. Best be ready with the AXS App. Here are the links for iOS and Android, so you are prepared.

Will you be going to Ludacris? Who else do you think the Montana Fair is bringing this year? Let us know on App Chat or Facebook!

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