After a stunning upset with U-Conn beating number one, Florida, 63-53 earlier on Saturday, Kentucky beats Wisconsin 74-73 to set up Monday night's Championship game.It has been a crazy March Madness with many brackets broken after the first weekend three weeks ago.

The Final Four weekend proved to be much of the same with the two teams going to the Championship game.  It will be the first time that a seven and eight seed will play for the top spot in NCAA mens basketball as Kentucky and U-Conn will battle it out in Arlington, Texas on Monday night!

Another ironic twist that the T.V. commentators mentioned,

U-Conn and Kentucky weren't even in the March Madness Tournament a year ago.

I wonder if Billings, Montana could handle hosting a Final Four weekend?  With the new "co-promote" fund established with the $1 dollar per beer increase at MetraPark, I think it would be worth bidding on championship weekend some year!  I like to think larger than life.

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