California Governor Gavin Newsom is sure to be ruffling some feathers at the NCAA this week when it was announced that he just signed a bill called the Fair Pay to Play Act. This bill gives college athletes in California the ability to benefit financially from their name, likeness, and image starting in 2023.

The Governor is of the belief (shared by many) that college athletes sacrifice their health, time, energy, etc. to the game for zero compensation, while the colleges make millions off of the athletes. Or, should I say billion. That's what the NCAA takes in annually. $1 billion.

The NCAA likes to brag that they give a large amount of the money back in scholarships. This is partially true. Everyone knows that big schools generate millions in sports revenue. While a portion of profits does go back to scholarships, most of it goes to six-figure coaching and administrative jobs.

Some argue that student athletes shouldn't be paid because they're getting a "free" education. LeBron skipped college and went straight to the pro's because he felt he deserved to be paid for his skills. The NCAA feels that the current system helps maintain an even playing field. I think college athletes should be paid. Make that money while they can. It might be the only money they make from sports before they end up with blown-out knees and no professional sports options at 23 years old. What are your thoughts?


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