It is time for the 2015 of summer parties in downtown Billings!  The 2015 Alive After 5 Season begins tonight, June 4th!  As I recall, last summer the Downtown Billings event did not have any rain-outs!  Tonight's weather is perfect for Alive After 5!

Executive Director of the Downtown Billings Alliance, Lisa Harmon said,

this is the year for the freshened up season for Alive After 5.

Tonight, at 5 p.m. stop by the Pub Station at 2502 1st Avenue North for food, drink, fun and on stage entertaining us will be Cold Hard Cash!  Alive After 5 is free to enter unless you plan on having some alcoholic beverages, (21 and older).  The $2 dollars you pay goes right back into the beautification of Downtown Billings.

Come join in on the first Alive After 5 at the Pub Station in downtown Billings from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. tonight.  Alive After 5 happens every Thursday through August 27th.

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