Last week, while walking back into the Townsquare Tower for work... I caught this awesome Trolley out of the corner of my eye... and had to know more. I've never seen it in town during my 4-year tenure here in Billings... and it turns out, it's available to make your next event the most awesome event in town.

Credit: Josh Rath, TSM
Credit: Josh Rath, TSM

Lulu The Trolley

Lulu Transporation owns Lulu The Trolley here in Billings. Lulu is a 28-seat trolley, available for transportation to and from the airport, weddings, bachelor & bachelorette parties, girls'/guys' night out, birthdays, corporate events, or sightseeing adventures.

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I got a bit of a chuckle... as their website proudly claims they are the "#1 Choice For A Trolley In Billings!"... but I am fairly sure they are the ONLY option. Maybe I'm wrong... and absolutely oblivious.



How Much To Rent Lulu?

Turns out, the pricing is quite reasonable, considering the capacity of the trolley. You can rent Lulu for the following rates per hour:

  • Monday through Thursday: $150
  • Friday & Sunday: $175
  • Saturday: $200
  • Out of Town Mileage from Trolley Barn: $2.50 per mile

Plus, to make it easy, they have many convenient packages ready to go for you. Click the button below to see all their options.

Don't forget to tip Lulu's driver, too!

Right now, their calendar seems wide open... and this summer is bound to be a fun one!

What are your thoughts?

Would you ever book a trolley for a night out or a party? Have you already ridden on Lulu The Trolley? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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