Wet Nose Wednesday: Meet Pinky
We're spotlighting a new animal available for adoption at the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter every Wet Nose Wednesday. This week we're featuring a 3-year old American Bulldog Mix named Pinky.
5 Blind Mice Wins Halloween Pub Golf 2019
24 teams competed on Saturday in the annual Halloween Pub Golf tournament. After 18 holes of sinkin' putts and sippin' drinks, it was a day that most will never forget. And some will never remember.
It's National Dog Day!
Scientists say dogs diverted from wolf DNA around 40,000 to 20,000 years ago. Archeologists found a dog that was buried 14,000 years ago next to a human.
Wow, That's Really Blue
Part of my job is driving around and looking to see what's new or happening in our community. I was out and about this weekend (I won't tell you where) and I saw this house. To be completely honest, my first thought was, who would paint their house that color of blue...
Jets and More Jets
Every year I fly out to San Francisco for Fleet Week during the "Columbus Day" holiday.  My sister lives there just off of the bay.  She likes to put on a party for friends and every year I come out to help with the party on her roof deck and enjoy the fly by of the vario…

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