Most people would be inclined to make this kind of a blog a list of 5 or 10 places I guess Billings smells better than most because I could think of only have four and of the places on my list only stinks sometimes.

The dump is a place that doesn't smell too nice. But it is a necessity and it has cleaned up a ton from back in the 80s.

Any of the refineries in town or the one in Laurel, pee-yew.

Christopher Furlong, Getty Images

But once again, they are a necessity. We do need to get around and not many of us are still riding horses. Need that fuel but with so many refineries around you'd think our gas would be about a quarter a gallon.

If you head out to the Feedlot in Shepherd (a great place to eat) there are some stock yards. Need I say more? Ranchers say that's the smell of money.

But by far the stinky stinky stinkiest place in town is the sugar beet factory. How can something so sweet smell so bad to make!? On the high side, though, it doesn't run all year long that's how I come up with 3 1/2 of the stinkiest places in, and around, Billings.

Aint' life grand!