Did you attend Billings Biggest Garage Sale last year? Make plans to join us this year June 5th at MetraPark. Bring the family or your friends and spend the day.  There will be food vendors when your ready for a lunch break.

Maybe you have stuff to sell at the garage sale?  Click the link above to get your booth but hurry as they are going fast.

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    One Man's Trash Is Another's Treasure

    This is so very true.  As someone who loves garage sales.  The best thing about shopping at them is the unique items you find.  Who wants the same big box store coffee table that 30 other people have.

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    Over 100 Individual Family Garage Sales

    This is like a finders festival – there’s over 100 individual families doing garage sales at one site, food vendors, on site restrooms.  Drive to one location, park & shop all day!

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    Antiquing Tip:  Look for signs denoting age.  Old silver items will tarnish and once you learn what tarnishing silver looks like, it’ll be easier to pick those items out from the rest.  Old pottery will develop crazing.  Crazing is wild  network of cracks in the finish.  You can tell crazing apart from cracking because you won’t be able to feel crazing.  You will be able to feel cracks in a piece.