The online home decor company Joybird recently completed a nationwide survey to see what percentage of residents in each state admit to having a messy house. Montana ranked 5th. I guess we should feel good that we're not the #1 messiest, but still... 5th place on the filthy list isn't really something to be proud of.

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In their poll of over 2,500 people from all fifty states, one of their check-boxes was admitting you "rarely deep clean or tidy up" or "hire a cleaning service near me." Texans admitted to being dirty the most, at 25.5 percent. Yikes. And just over 21% of Montanans admitted they rarely deep cleaned or hired someone to take care of the task.

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We have a few - very unscientific - theories on why Montana ranked so high on the Messiest House poll.

  • A big state. When many of our residents have to drive two hours just to make a Costco run, that really cuts into our weekend cleaning time.
  • Snow. When given the choice of deep cleaning your house, or shoveling the driveway so you can get to work in the winter, you'll probably have to choose shoveling snow. Yes, this is a seasonal excuse, but still valid. On the weekends you're so tired from moving snow all week, that dusting the cabinets or vacuuming under the couch drops pretty low on the priority list.
  • We're private.  Montanans are generally friendly, but at the same time we expect our neighbors and friends to respect our privacy. That means not dropping by the house unannounced. Fewer guests = fewer reasons to deep clean your house on a regular basis.
  • Recreation. When you live in one of the best places in the country for hunting, fishing, hiking and camping, who wants to spend their valuable weekends deep cleaning the house? Not me.
  • Who are we trying to impress? The independent spirit is strong in Big Sky Country. If you don't like the way we keep our houses, you're welcome to take your opinion elsewhere.

See what states ranked the cleanest and other interesting data from the complete Joybird survey HERE.

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