Gusts around 40mph today.  When I lived in North Carolina they would shut down the draw bridges at 45mph.  Now that I live in Montana.  It doesn't seem too scary, it's normal and it happens sometimes.

While your rocking your wind blown look today, couple of tracks about the wind.  What songs would you have picked?

  • 1

    Winds Of Change

    Are the winds blowing in change?

  • 2

    Summer Breeze

    Maybe it's blowing spring and summer our way...

  • 3

    Dust In The Wind

    Yes, the wind is so strong today we are seeing the dust fly.  Wait, I don't think that's what they were singing about...

  • 4

    Blowing In The Wind

    Are there answers blowing in the wind?  Sounds more like a howl today.

  • 5

    Blown Away

    Any excuse to listen to George Harrison,my favorite Beatle.  George, we do feel blown away today.

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