Always been a huge Lemmy fan, mole and all.  That man embodied everything that is rock 'n' roll.  The voice, the stage presents, and I don't give a rats ass attitude.  Normally pictured with a cigarette and a finger, telling you your number one. You will be missed Lemmy.

Lemmy spent most of his life in a bar called 'The Rainbow' rock bar in L.A. He lived next to it for 20 years in West Hollywood.  Couple other things that you might not have known about him but then again you might be a bigger fan than me.

1.  Lemmy is a nickname.  His real name was Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister .  Story is he got the name from always saying - Lemmy a fiver.

2.  Lemmy covering Blue Suede Shoes.  There's a cover of Johnny B out there too, if you haven't heard that.

3.  He learned to play bass on stage.

4.  Lemmy Roadied for Jimi Hendrix

5.  He always smelled like Axe body spray