The holidays are meant to be spent with friends and family and most of the time that means traveling.  I know. On top of the gifts, you also have to scrounge up the money to actually go see the family.

There's nothing worse than budgeting for a vacation and spending way more than you hoped. Means Ramen Noodles for the next month -- just because you didn't know about some crazy rental car fee or exorbitant room-service charges. Because let's face it, sometimes holidays with the family is just better if you have a hotel room to escape to for a break.

Hope these tips from smarter travel help you save a couple of bucks if you're traveling this holiday season. Hey, the extra cash you save can be spent at the bar.  Hey!  I'm not the only one that needs a little booze fuel to handle my relatives.

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    Returning your rental car early

    Return your vehicle late and you'll be hit with extra fees. But so can dropping off your car too early. Some rental companies will actually charge you for "breaking your contract" by returning a car ahead of schedule

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    Exorbitant Room-Service Charges

    Watch out for tray fees or late night fees.

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    Departure Taxes

    The end of your trip means the end of spending money, right? Not in many countries, where you'll have to pay a departure tax in order to leave. Australia, for example, recently raised its departure tax to $55 AUD (approximately $56 USD).

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    Resort Fees

    You can pay around $20 per night for facilities you might not even use (like the gym or the pool), and there's often no way to get them waived.

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    Third Party Ticket Changing Fees

    Oh, yes, this is a real thing. On top of the outrageous fees most airlines charge for changing a reservation, many will also charge you an extra fee for changing a ticket booked by a third party.