If your relationship is headed off the rails right now and your sig other is driving you crazy, give it two weeks and you could see a complete transformation. There's a reason for the madness, and it will go away soon.

I'm usually the first to poo-poo the idea that things like full moons and jet streams can have an impact on relationships, but then I see how wild my kids get during some of these natural phenomenons and I think, "Well, maybe!"  The moon may not put a spell on them, but maybe there are some invisible gravitational pulls happening that make them get a little sideways, who knows.

Tension stinks, but if you've got it every day with your sig other and you're getting to the point where you're thinking about ending the relationship, you might want to wait it out.  Mercury is in retrograde, and because of that, the experts say people are in weird moods and they advise we don't make any major decisions about breakups and divorces until it passes. Mercury will be direct again on November 21st, and then struggling relationships have a shot at being good again.

Apparently, when Mercury is in retrograde, we all experience more self-doubt, and we get more suspicious of things than usual.  This period of limbo could be a good time to analyze situations, but we're supposed to consider this month an information-gathering adventure and wait to act until later on.  Like after the holidays.  And, Mercury retrogrades can mess with communication so it's easy to take things the wrong way and make things a bigger deal than they are. It's not just because it's Thursday.  It's a Mercury Retrograde Thursday.

Hopefully, all of the relationship frustration you're feeling now is gone by Thanksgiving and life is good again.  If only John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan could have waited it out.

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