About a week ago, a friend of mine was telling me of how his kids left the door of his house open when they went to play in the yard. They live in a subdivision in the West End of Billings that he says cats don't do well in when they're outdoors. Busy roads close by and possible predators linger.

When his kids left the door open, the inevitable happened. His cat shot out the door and he was not about to turn back for the comfort of home.

In my friend's mind there were two options. Either animal control would pick him up and he could go grab him or some other creature would find him and there wouldn't be anything left.

He watched the websites for more than a week and even put up fliers around the area in hopes of a happy ending but nothing came up. He told me he knew the worst must have happened and he finally accepted that fate as a reality.

That was until Saturday night.

He and his wife stayed up really late talking when she heard a distinct meow coming through an open window to the back yard. They have a fairly large fenced yard and when she opened the door and swore it was their cat on the other side of the back fence. Problem is, when my friend grabbed a flashlight and went to the fence, there was nothing there.

Meows were gone and no sight of him again.

They gave up after trying for about 30 minutes. About another 30 minutes later they heard something at the front door so he went and opened they door. Their cat came running in.

My friend is shocked that his cat is still alive and in one piece.

Everything is back to normal for them now and they are very happy with the results.

Do you have a cat survival story?