We certainly hear a little too much about Governor Andrew Cuomo in the news in this day and age. But back in the 80's- the New York Governor you heard a lot about was Mario Cuomo.

After we first shared the news last week that former Montana Gov. Stan Stephens had passed away, I got some great messages from folks across the state. So many of the messages told me what a man of faith he was, and how humbly he always carried himself. Former State Sen. John Brenden (R-Scobey) told us he was "almost too nice to be governor."

One friend later told me about a great story he heard once from Billings businesswoman Karen Fagg, who first headed up the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) for Gov. Stephens when she was only 35 years old.

Credit Karen Fagg
Credit Karen Fagg

Here's how the story was told to me: Governor Stephens was back at a National Governor's Association meeting. For the State of Montana, it was just Gov. Stan Stephens and DNRC Director Karen Fagg in attendance. Then in walks Gov. Mario Cuomo from New York- and boy did he have an entourage. Every time he would lift a finger, three different staff members would rush over to see what he needed, and promptly execute any task he ordered their direction. After a while, Gov. Stephens got up from the table, and walked over to Karen Fagg. Is he about to ask me to do something important, she wondered? Gov Stephens walks over, leans over, and asks Karen- "Can I get you a cup of coffee?"

He had a servant's heart. That's how she and so many people remember the late Gov. Stan Stephens.

Hear Karen Fagg share the story in her own words. She also talks about the legacy of Gov. Stephens, particularly for Montana agriculture:

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