When you walk through a museum or historical site, you'd expect to find relics of the past that are perfectly preserved and gorgeous, even many years later. I think, however, that someone may have found the coolest, most powerful-looking item that any historical society in this country has in their possession. And, it's in the Old Governor's Mansion in Helena, Montana. Check it out.

Mess With the Bull, You Get the Horns

Credit: Smokeybearvii on Reddit
Credit: Smokeybearvii on Reddit

Imagine sitting on this throne while being the head of the Treasure State. The antique chair, which is on display at the Old Governor's Mansion in Helena, features ornate designs of bull horns all around the frame, culminating in what looks like a crown at the top. It's absolutely gorgeous.

However, this photo of the chair does spark many questions for me. First of all, which Montana governor was the one to use this awesome throne? I can only imagine someone sitting in this chair would also have a massive cigar and a nice glass of scotch, a la Ron Swanson. Plus, how did this chair come to be? Who commissioned this to be made?

These Chairs Are Also Extremely Collectible...And Expensive!

If you looked at this chair and thought to yourself, "I want this throne to sit upon," perhaps you should reconsider. Now, obviously, to make a chair like this in today's world is nearly impossible, so you'll have to find someone selling one. A similar but thinner chair is being sold from Cisco's Rare & Exceptional web store for a massive $6,500. So, be prepared to fork over quite a hefty sum for one.

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If you have any information regarding this beautiful chair, please let me know by clicking the link below and sending me an email. I would love to follow up with the origin story of the most powerful-looking chair I've ever seen.

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