Recently on Reddit, I came across a post from Reddit user "clerk227" asking a simple, yet understandable question:

(FYI, that link takes you to a conversation that has plenty of choice words mixed about. Click at your own risk, not ours)

Traveling To Montana As A Black Person: What areas are safe and which are not?

Now, before you get your britches in a bunch over that question... it is 100% fair to ask that. Why? Because the majority of Montana is White. In fact, in 2021, Montana was 85.5% White. Followed by 6% American Indian/Alaska Native, 4.3% Hispanic, 1% Asian/Pacific Islander and finally .6% Black.

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So, looking at those numbers... I understand the potential fear, and the need to find "safe spaces" in our beautiful state to enjoy.

Redditors Respond

With over 160 comments on this thread, there are many GREAT responses to this question. Some highlight their own experiences with racism across the state... and others simply give their best opinions on what to do, what to try for food, and what souvenirs they should bring home. Here are a handful of my favorite responses.

Don't be a jerk

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

I agree 100%. Here and there you will encounter the random jerkoff that hasn't seen anyone besides white in their life... and immediately goes on the offensive... but most of the time, if you're nice to a Montanan... we're nice right back.

Small Town Hospitality. Sometimes.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Being from Miles City, and living in Baker (just north of Ekalaka), I can say for sure that the majority of people in that area are kind-hearted souls, who wouldn't be that way. Now, I will not be speaking for everyone. But the point in the last bit is true. A BIG chunk of Montanans have never seen the state line, let alone another state or country. No excuse for their behavior, but one thing to keep in mind.

A True Montana Welcome

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Now THAT is the Montana I know, and have lived in.

Final Thoughts

Now, I'll warn you ahead of time that if you want to read into all the comments, it's certainly an adult conversation... so be prepared. But it is an extremely valid conversation that we need to be having in our state. Diversity never hurt anybody... and, in reality, we can all focus our hatred on one thing.

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