Cellphone Driver
I hope it's rutting season and she can find a mate who, as well, does not wish to communicate through the process of verbal speaking.
Drug Drop
Last year, about 600 pounds of prescription drugs were collected through the annual prescription drug take-back project in Yellowstone County.
Winter Driving
Most of my driving life has been right here in good old Billings, Montana.  That would be 40+ years worth of winter driving.  As I was heading home around 9am for a "lunch" break from work I went up North 27th street.  The snow was coming down pretty good...
Vehicle Winter Inspection
If you don't want to take the chance of getting stranded on the side of the road, but you don't have the cash flow right now to have your vehicle checked, I have a great place to go this Saturday.  The Automotive students at City College in Billings are providing  a free winter c…
Trick or Treat
A couple of days ago for Halloween we had a trick or treater at our door.  Sounds strange, but I live on a busy street in Billings so we normally don't get any.  When the door bell rang, I popped up and gave the lone scary person a few of my candy bars.  A...

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