Today, I came across a post going viral on Facebook about the former scam artists from Billings, Rise Again Tattoo, and their *new* shop in... Lake Havasu, Arizona.

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However, in trying to look up this new adventure of theirs... suddenly all their Facebook and Instagram pages have disappeared (just as they did from Billings).

Crazy how these things work, isn't it?

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Interestingly enough, their TWO websites are still active, so you can compare for yourself if you'd like.

Is their Shop in a... storage unit?

Icing on the already hilarious cake... these scam artists listed their address, on their official website AND Google Maps as...

A storage unit. I'm not kidding. Click the link below, which is directly copied from their website, and it shows you this storage unit.

They even have a lovely video on YouTube showing off their work... which looks suspiciously like their old shop here in Billings.

Rise Again Falls Down

Back in January, Phil Van Pelt with Q2 wrote a great article about the sudden closure, and how the owners of Rise Again Tattoo simply ignored any and all requests from people here in Billings.

Back in January, Q2 did end up talking to an employee, who at the time claimed the shop was simply closed for renovations, and planned to reopen on February 2nd.

That time came and went, and now the former location for Rise Again Tattoo hosts a brand new tattoo shop.

Plus, during this time, Wayne Wilcox of Wayne Wilcox Real Estate stepped in and helped cover the lost funds by partnering with other local tattoo shops.

What Are Your Thoughts?

I reached out to the local Lake Havasu media, and they informed me that their phones have been ringing off the hook about this... so good job Billings! We're certainly reminding these scum of the earth they messed with the wrong city, and they can't hide.

Let us know your thoughts on these scammers via App Chat or on Facebook.

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