Have you ever had a pita? If not, it's just a flatbread these days and cut open to stuff your favorite ingredients into. It's a delicious little thing, especially when paired with Chipotle Ranch and some delicious shoestring fries...

Waving Goodbye To Pita Mill

With heavy hearts, the owners of Pita Mill, at 1001 Shiloh Crossing Blvd, announced the immediate closure of Pita Mill. The owners say there are many contributing factors to their decision.

As noted by the owner on Facebook, their personal health has been declining, making work more difficult. They had plans to restructure the business to keep it going, however, with the health of the owner a big issue... they decided to take another route.

Credit: Canva / Google Maps
Credit: Canva / Google Maps

Just My Thoughts...

(Disclaimer: From this point on, this is heavy on my personal opinion.)

One thing about this post that bugs me personally, is seeing the waterfall of complaints from the current owner. Yes, their health is the #1 priority (I would know), and I fully support that as the reason to close the doors.

However, the owner didn't stop there, and continued to go on about other issues... starting with "There are a lot of challenges facing local restaurants in general":

  • Food Costs at a high
  • Interest Rates "brutal"
  • Labor "is high"
  • Cost of Utilities on Large Equipment
  • Help is hard to find
  • 5 Chain Restaurants opening within the Shiloh Crossing area

Sure, those are also valid reasons... though, everyone is facing those issues. What have other local businesses done to cope? Raise prices, raise salaries, and carry on.

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As for the chain restaurants opening... competition is GOOD. Without competition, how else would people find amazing little locally-owned businesses? (Yes, without ANY chains, they would possibly be more visible... but that also comes with catches. Just ask small town Baker.)

Just my two cents here. I discovered Pita Mill because I didn't like the "chain" pita place we have in Billings (YES, it IS a chain)... and I fell in love with it. Great food, amazing service... and Chipotle Ranch is too good to lose.

Focus on your health, and I'll miss you, Pita Mill.

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