Remember the days when American Idol traveled all around the country, trying to find the next big star? I sure do, but in the past few years, I haven't heard much about talent searches coming to our area. Thankfully, that is changing!

Got a Talent, Billings?

On Tuesday, May 7th, at 7 PM inside the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton in Downtown Billings... YOU can audition and show off what you've got! Applause International is searching for actors & voice actors, singers, dancers, and models.

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Auditions are IN PERSON, and they are on the hunt for the biggest undiscovered stars in our area.

Anyone is welcome to register, however, if you are under 18... you will need a parent or guardian with you at the audition.

Audition Expectations

Applause International has provided a handy guide on WHAT they want from you during your audition:

  • Acting
    • Acting is encouraged for EVERYONE.
    • Make sure you are ready to read one of the short scripts provided by Applause International. Memorization is not required.
      • You CAN bring your own one-minute monologue if you prefer.
  • Singing
    • One-minute without music, and the lyrics must be CLEAN.
      • Acoustic Guitar or Ukulele are both allowed.
  • Dancers
    • One-minute routine, and bring your own music with clean lyrics and a playback device.
    • Dancers with formal training are preferred.
  • Models
    • Will pose for a few photos. Applause International is evaluating in all areas of modeling.
      • Catalog, print, commercial, plus-size, children, teen, adults, runway, high fashion runway, specialty modeling and more.
  • Important Information
    • No profanity or suggestive material. Auditions are family-friendly.
    • Arrive on Time
      • Preferably 10 to 15 minutes early to check-in.
      • Remember that your arrival time is taken into consideration for callback decisions.
    • No Friends
      • Auditions are limited, and space for it is too. Families are limited to Parents and/or guardians.
    • No Small Children Or Strollers
    • Auditions are open for ages 6 and above.
    • No Cell Phone use is allowed, at all, during auditions or callbacks.
      • Participants WILL be on video, for Applause International evaluation only.
    • Bring Your Valid ID

Acting Audition Scripts are available at the button below.

Tap the button below to register for an audition!

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