Who doesn't enjoy a good carnival? If you said that you don't... well, you're no fun. But, if you DO enjoy a good carnival... with all the awesome perks that come with one (funnel cakes, corn dogs, vendors, rides, and more) look no further than Rimrock Mall!

The Mall? Really?

Yes, really. Once again, Rimrock Mall is opening its parking lot to the Northstar Amusement Carnival! If you've been around Billings, then you know all about this Carnival. They also host a popup carnival at Berry's Cherries yearly.

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Northstar Amusement Carnival is Montana's only locally owned and operated carnival, bringing its "funtastic" rides, games, and more. You can experience the thrill of rides, indulge in delicious food from the vendors, and try your hand at a carnival game or two.

What are the hours? And how much?

Unfortunately, nowhere posted was the pricing for the carnival this year. Which, admittedly, I'm personally not a fan of...

But! We DO have their days and hours for you.

  • The Northstar Amusement Carnival is May 16th through 20th.
    • Thursday and Friday, May 16th & 17th, The Carnival opens at 4 PM.
    • Saturday, May 18th, the Carnival opens at 12 PM (Noon).
    • Sunday, May 19th, the doors open at 1 PM.
    • Monday, May 20th, the carnival opens at 4 PM to wrap up their stay.
      • The Carnival closes between 10 PM and Midnight daily.

What are your thoughts?

Will you attend the carnival? What is your favorite part of a carnival? Let us know on App Chat or on the Facebook Comments Section.

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