(This is an opinion article. I am a T-Mobile Customer and have been since 2019. This is not a paid endorsement.)

In the last few weeks, I noticed on my iPhone that every time someone leaves me a voicemail, I've been getting a text message with a poorly-created transcription of the voicemail to text. Now, I never signed up for this... and considering I have an iPhone (Which has had Voicemail to Text transcription built into it for years at this point), I don't need it. And, maybe, this has bugged you, too!

T-Mobile Built-In Blocker

Now, you KNOW T-Mobile is aware of how poor this decision was. Why? Because if you call them, they will say they cannot do anything about it. I tried. But, as it turns out, you CAN disable it. You just have to navigate the mess of a website to find the buried option.

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The thing is... they wouldn't NEED this option if they just simply let users Opt-In to it... rather than forcing everyone to receive it.

How To Disable Those Texts

If you are being driven nutty by these texts... here's my step-by-step on disabling them:

  1. Login to TMobile.com
  2. Click Your Name in the Top Right, then click Profile.
  3. Scroll to the bottom, and click Block calls and messages.
    1. If you have an Ad Blocker or other website-modifying extensions, you MUST disable them for this page to work.
  4. (Optional, but likely necessary) Refresh the page. Every time I try it on the first time, it is blank. Refresh it, and you should see the Line Selector.
  5. Select your phone number
  6. Select Block Other
  7. Enable "T-Mobile Voicemail to Text Block"
  8. Success!

Now, you won't get spammed with text messages when you already can see your voicemails in the phone app.

Gee, T-Mobile... Doncha think it would have been easier to just NOT turn that on? Or, even, make it easier to find? A shame.

What are your thoughts?

Do you have a tech issue driving you nuts? What little things in your day make you wish they didn't exist? Let us know on our App Chat, by Email, or Facebook.

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