Dear people my age and above. How are you doing with all of this technology that we're being forced to use?

When I go through McDonald's drive-through, I now get asked if I'm using the app every time I'm there. The answer is no -- for me anyway.

I have ordered pizza online a couple of times. And usually, the results are good. But recently I placed my order and after two hours, we still had no pizza so I ended up cooking something. Of course, just as it was coming out of the oven, my pizzas showed up. Terrific. Who likes cold pizza for breakfast?

I downloaded the Uber Eats app. I've used it twice and got my order once. But still got charged both times. So, no more Uber Duber for this old guy.

I have used the Uber app to get a ride. And yes, I actually liked it. It tells you what kind of car is coming to pick you up and how far away they are.

I have not ever been able to get my Roomba Robot vacuum cleaner to connect to the internet. So "Ika" (my Roomba) has to wait for me to get home and push her button.

The app that I use the most because it's the easiest for me to navigate is the Albertsons app. It keeps track of what you buy and offers you sale prices when it thinks you might be out.

It also offers coupon deals, savings, and free stuff like eggs, butter, and milk. I haven't seen free beer yet, though.

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