How much of what you do every day is being watched by "big brother"?

I remember hearing that your Alexa device in your kitchen hears what you and your family talk about and then sends ads related to those topics to your cell phone with pop-up ads. So I unplugged my Alexa.

I don't know why. The cell phone is the greatest tracking device in history. And I love and hate that. I don't think that anybody wants to be monitored 24/7, but most of us are. Good thing that I'm not up to anything shady.

Nicole Riley, TSM
Credit: Nicole Riley, TSM

I downloaded the Life360 app. It monitors my daughter's location. If she's driving somewhere, it tells me how fast she's going. It's supposed to alert her mother and me if she's involved in a crash.

See? Some technology is good.

Discussions got pretty heated in Billings a few years ago when it was suggested that our city install cameras on traffic lights to catch folks who chose to run red lights. I think those would do two things. First off, It's going to cut down on those who choose to run a red light. And second, the city of Billings is going to see a huge spike in income at first as drivers adjust to the cameras.

Also, traffic cameras are instrumental in solving about half the cases on Law & Order SVU.

Now the state of Montana is debating using facial recognition technology to identify someone who has died. And also to compare new and old photos on drivers' licenses.

I don't even have my facial recognition set up on my smartphone. No need. I'll bet that they already know everything about me.

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