I was thinking about the story this morning about Michael Jordan's jacket that he wore for the awards ceremony after the U.S. won gold at the Olympics, NBC Sports reported. The man that owns it will auction it off in June and they think it will bring well over a million dollars.

I really don't have anything close to that but I do have Neil Diamond's tour jacket that he had when he was here many years ago. I think we all have stuff like that in our house but we all struggle with selling stuff like that. I often think why are you saving that stuff?

Eventually what happens is that the kids end up with the stuff and since they have no story or tie to it they sell it. It doesn't matter if they are coins or jewelry or old antiques etc you can never part with it.

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Why is that? Why do we not get rid of it and reap the reward no matter how large or small it is? I think it's because everything has a story. Once the item is gone the story is gone and then the real meaning changes for the next owner.

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Someone else is going to own it someday one way or another. It doesn't matter if it's your house or an old pocket watch or an antique clock someone else will have it after you are long gone. If you're like me you probably think then that's the way it goes but I'm going to hang on to this as long as I'm alive.

Maybe that's why so many of us have our parents' and grandparents' stuff cause they felt the same way we do.

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