Some people like to knock Allegiant Airlines for being a budget airline. You won't find any hot towels, complimentary booze or First Class seating on Allegiant. And yes, they have had issues with old planes and maintenance in the past (sounds like that has been resolved). They replaced their final, aging MD-80 airplane in December.

Despite the skeptics and naysayers, I love Allegiant. They are one of the few carriers that can get me the heck out of Montana for less than $500.  Usually closer to $100. Not bad. We've flown many, many times to Vegas on Allegiant with no problems. Well, there was that one time we missed our flight home because we were playing the slots at McCarran and didn't hear the announcement of a gate change.  Ended up renting a crappy little rental care and drove home. That sucked, but totally not their fault.

The Vegas flights are great because they are cheap and non-stop. They also fly from Billings to Phoenix/Mesa and LA (seasonally).  Now they've added Nashville as a destination from Bozeman. Check out that skyline.

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Starting in May you'll be able to fly affordably, non-stop Nashville, TN. I would love to visit Music City. I hear there is incredible food, and of course, an amazing music scene. I've had friends visit Nashville and they RAVE about it. I can't wait. Get more details on Allegiants new Bozeman to Nashville flight HERE. Flights start as low as $64.99 according to the press release.

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