I met my wife for lunch today at McCormick cafe in downtown Billings.  I work just a couple of blocks from there so I just walked on Montana Avenue.  After having a great lunch, my wife decided to head back home and take a nap on a full belly.  I went back to work at the Double Tree on the top floor to the radio station.  She asked if I wanted a ride.  I said no, it would probably be good for me to walk and work off the food.  So, I went back to work but went down the alley.  I ran across this art work a block away.  I think it's pretty cool to actually take the time and look around different neighborhoods.  I still do that going home.  Instead of taking the same route home, I will drive through residential neighborhoods, or different main streets, just to see what I haven't seen in awhile.  DON"T freak out.  I don't drive a white panel van and I'm not a porch pirate.

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