Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis got into a fight today (June 21) with security agents apparently attempting to protect the Rolling Stones at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia -- although both the hotel and the band say it wasn't anybody who works directly for them.

As you can see from video posted on TMZ, Kiedis and an unidentified female were attempting to enter the hotel when the security guy -- perhaps thinking the singer was just another fan hoping to ask departing hotel guests the Rolling Stones for an autograph -- stepped in his path and said they couldn't. Clearly unaccustomed to hearing the word "no," Kiedis tries to get by politely, and then a little more forcefully, until the two are grappling on the ground.

Luckily the fight is over pretty quickly, with calmer heads -- and one fan extremely eager to explain Kiedis' role in the universe to everyone within a mile radius -- prevailing.

According to the report, both the Stones and the Four Seasons deny that the security person in the video works for them directly, although the band admits he could be part of their supplemental local team.

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