So do you folks get apps for everything? I don't, at least when it comes to buying things.

But, they're everywhere.

We are currently running a cash contest where you have to load the code word on the app. Tons of people take part.

I have to tell you I have used different airlines apps for my ticket and I like that.

When I use the airline app though it doesn't save me any money on the ticket. So why, when you go through a drive-thru, do they ask if you are using the app to order? If you do, they give you a break on the price or offer specials.

Why? If the guy is right in front or behind you why does he get a break on the price? The people are still in there cooking the food at the same pace at the same time with the same meat and the same buns. You still keep your same order in line so what's the deal?

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Now to pre-order, I guess it would come in handy to have it done by the time you get there.

The shopping apps at Target, Walmart, etc. are also good I guess if you're going in for pick-up especially if you are a senior and may have trouble walking.

But then again, how many of them know how to order on an app? I don't think I could do it either. These times are changing so quickly that soon guys like me won't be able to go through the drive-thru anymore.

Oh and I still have cash on me, but that's on its way out too.

Have a great weekend. We Stand With Emily.

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