Sports may have their place in society now, but eventually the crowd will grow tired of extra padding and helmets, and want more. Ultimate Tazer Ball hopes to fill that void with some almost lethal goodness.

This new league combines the strategy and athleticism of soccer and lacrosse and the entertainment of watching someone get zapped with 50,000 volts.

The game features two teams on a soccer field with unguarded goals and a large ball. Teams try to kick and throw the ball into their opponents’ goal while avoiding the stinging blow of defeat. Oh, and the high voltage defense devices that can cause them to convulse on the ground and wet themselves.

Right now, the UTB only has four teams in the franchise: the LA Nightlight, the Philadelphia Killawatts, the Toronto Terror and the San Diego Spartans. The league has several openings for future franchises, preferably ones with softer public assault laws and emergency rooms at the venue.

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