Last week I had a mild day surgery at Billings Clinic in downtown. Nothing serious but something that needed to be done for awhile now.

The doctor prescribed me some pain reliever medication to help me get through the healing process and I have to tell you it was some good stuff. I haven't hardly felt a thing since I left the clinic.

I have discovered one major problem though. A problem that I have a very difficult time dealing with.

Apparently my body doesn't like to deal with powerful medication very well.

Since I have taken these pills, I have wanted to do nothing but sleep. This past Sunday I took only one pill first thing in the morning and then I proceeded to want to sleep for the entire day and the rest of the night.

This isn't right for me. I am far too busy to be dealing with sleep issues on a constant basis. Gets very irritating.

I finally told my wife that I felt healed enough to just not take them anymore. We'll see how this goes...

Have you dwelt with medication issues?