Bears in Yellowstone get a lot of action and attention when tourists visit and sometimes it's a very close call for those tourists. Quite an opportunity was in store for a couple of tourists in this video (taken back in 2016). We're hoping that all the humans and bears were unharmed and since the video was posted on YouTube we assume the tourists lived to tell about it.

Seeing video's like the one below, it makes you wonder bears get as excited seeing humans, as the humans do when getting the chance to see the bears. Over the years, Bears have come to know that humans carry lots of sweet, savory, crunchy tasty snacks and would like to share those snacks with their human friends. One of these day's a bear will whip out the "bear cell phone" and take video and pictures to show their "bear friends" of the great time they had with tourists that stopped by with all the snacks. Until that time let's remember that bears are wild, unpredictable and stay as far away as possible.

The couple featured in this video were travelling from Utah to Alaska and made a stop to see all that Yellowstone has to offer. More than likely they weren't expecting this large black bear to try to catch a ride to Alaska with them by climbing on the car.

To see a bear is one thing, to almost have Yogi climb in your car, is another! The cameraman seems to be quite amused at the adventurous stop and doesn't seem to care much about the possible scratch and claw marks that are being left on his ride. Or the fact that if the bear DID get inside, it would be his girlfriend that got the worst end of that deal.

Again, remember that if you're in the presence of a bear, please be careful! Do your research, know what to do with each type of bear and know the type of bear you're dealing with. Your safety is more important than a photo of video.

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