All over Wyoming bears are looking to bulk up before their long winter nap, but the wolves aren't taking it easy on them.

The process in which bears prepare for hibernation is called hyperphagia and a bear will constantly eat and drink during this period. According to, it's not out of the question for a grizzly bear to take on over 20,000 calories per day and gain 3 pounds a day during the work up to winter weight. For mother bears, it's important for her potential spring cub that she eat as much as she can to help with the pregnancy.

As you can see in this Facebook video from Gary Gaston, just because the bears need to eat, wolves and other predators aren't going to move out of the way and just let them take their food too.

They saying goes "the early bird gets the worm" and that is sometimes the case when you're visiting Yellowstone. Gary and his group were out around daybreak to see what wildlife action the park has to offer. While visiting the park they go footage of a wolf that kept nipping at a bears butt to try and keep the bear away from what he thought was a potential food source. After being bitten a couple times, the bear learned that sitting down until the wolf moved away was the smarter way for self defense.

The video is taking from a safe distance and looking at other videos from Gary, he looks to respect the rules of the park. A good example of how to view the wildlife and enjoy your experience in Yellowstone.

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