Bikers, lumberjacks, hippies, Jesus, mountain men, and Santa Clause have all been rocking beards for ages. A beard was considered wild, rebellious and rugged. A statement that you don't follow the rules. Only the manliest of men sported beards.

Then hipsters decided beards were pretty cool too. Now it seems like beards are almost more common on dudes than clean-shaven fellows. There are tons of special beard oils and potions as well as fancy grooming kits to keep your facial growth looking good. Some jobs have facial hair rules for safety reasons (like refinery jobs) or the seemingly mandatory fireman/cop moustache.

All is not well in beard world though. With the coronavirus threat escalating, the CDC has released a hilarious graphic that shows beards that work well with respiratory masks, and other facial hairstyles that get the X. Check it out.

Credit: CDC
Credit: CDC

Twelve facial hairstyles are okay. All of the approved ones appear to be various versions of the Pencil mustache. But if you are rocking the French Fork, the Van Dyke, the Imperial, even the Dali... no good. Your mask won't seal properly. Forget about a full beard or even the Chin Curtain. Not gonna' cut it either. Sorry my bearded brethren. If you want your mask to seal properly, you're gonna have to shave off your Garibaldi and go with a Zorro for better virus protection.

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