Rep. Seth Berglee (R-Joliet) is the main sponsor for House Bill 102- the permitless carry law signed by Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) following the 2021 Montana Legislative Session.

The bill expanded gun rights already allowed in most of the state, to allow for permitless carry of firearms without a permit in the rest of the state- mainly the bigger towns. The bill also allowed for 2nd Amendment rights to be exercised on college campuses in the state.

As expected, a liberal judge in Helena ruled against the campus carry provision in the law. Interestingly enough; though, the judge did not want to make the case a debate about campus safety (because banning guns from campus don't make campuses more safe).

Rep. Berglee says the judge's decision was "pretty shocking" because the judge ruled that the Board of Regents has control of the college campuses. Since the Board of Regents has control of the college campuses, the judge says they can throw out 2nd Amendment rights on the campus.

As Berglee and I discussed, if they can ignore the Constitution when it comes to our 2nd Amendment rights, the judge is basically saying that they can ignore the Constitution when it comes to our 1st Amendment rights, 4th Amendment rights- anything.

Listen below to the full chat with Rep. Seth Berglee:


For most Montanans, it is pretty obvious what these gun free zones create. Right now if if a criminal wanted to carry a gun on campus, they can do so. Gun free zones are where a lot of these attacks occur. We would just prevent the good guys from having the guns.

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