The 'Between Two Ferns' web series is one of the most consistently hilarious on the internet; the only downside being that Zach Galifianakis and crew make so few of them (the last one was back in September with guest Justin Bieber). Well, to make up for their absence, 'Between Two Ferns' is back with a jam-packed holiday special with Tobey Maguire, Samuel L. Jackson and even a musical guest, Arcade Fire.

While there are some quality zings in the latest installment of 'Between Two Ferns,' it feel like a lesser installment, primarily because a) both Maguire and Jackson are on the stage at the same time and Galifianakis is forced to flip back-and-forth between the two, and b) almost half of the installment is taken by Arcade Fire's whacked-out performance of "Little Drummer Boy" (your enjoyment of which will depend on your tolerance for Régine Chassagne screeching out lyrics Yoko Ono style).

Samuel L. Jackson is almost the perfect 'Between Two Ferns' guest (he can play completely straight, yet also has a good sense of humor), so we would've liked to have seen him get his own installment.

Here's hoping Galifianakis returns to the Oscar luncheon for another installment of his 'Between Two Ferns' with the Oscar nominees or at least in 2014, he gets his two dream guests: Oprah and Barack Obama.

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