Even rocks in your pockets didn't help much at the start of Bike Night #9 @ Andy's Bar last night!

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Even with the high winds to start (and taking the tent to my face at one point), we sailed through the night successfully, and are looking forward to the big finale at The Reno Club, next Wednesday, September 6th from 6 to 9 PM!

Don't forget, at the last Bike Night, we will reveal the winner of the $500 Prize from our 103.7 The Hawk Mobile App! And, we'll still have the trip for two to Medora AND our door prizes to giveaway.

Thanks again to our sponsors of Bike Night this year. Hi-Tech Motorsports Yamaha, Law Tigers Motorcycle Lawyers, and Medora!

See you next Wednesday for the finale of... Bike Night!

Bike Night #9 @ Andy's Bar

Bike Night #8 Was Buzzing At Paula's Longbranch in Ballantine!

Bike Night #7 After Sturgis @ Bullwackers!

Two Bands, Hot Dogs, Beers, and Fun after Sturgis at Bullwackers! Don't forget, the next stop is Paula's Longbranch in Ballantine!

Bike Night #6 @ The Blue Cat Before Sturgis!

Bikes, Beer, Music, Food, and Fun @ The Blue Cat Bar and Grill in Huntley! (Click the title of each photo for the High-Resolution version, as that was requested of me to provide for you)

95 And Sunny At Bike Night #5 - Squire Lounge

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