On Monday, Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter here in Billings made a monumental announcement, in their ongoing efforts toward making life that much better for the animals (and their owners) in our community.

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Big J(ustin) Show!

No, not Jason from the Big J Show. The other Big J, also known as McLovin' on Hot 101.9 here in Billings, has been appointed the President of the Board of Directors for Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter!

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter shared this about this new appointment:

With a passion for animals and a deep commitment to the community, we're sure that he will help lead YVAS to new heights.
Justin brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his new role. As the proud pet parent to Luke, Leia, and Charlie, he understands the importance of the human-animal bond and the role it plays in creating a compassionate community. His dog, Charlie, is excited for the opportunity to serve as his official Chief of Staff. Meanwhile, when reached for comment regarding this announcement, Luke and Leia (Justin's cats) could not be bothered by the request.
We look forward to an exciting chapter under Hutchinson's guidance and invite our community to join us in welcoming him to this vital role!

Hutchinson took time to clarify in the comments on Facebook that he will NOT be leaving his day job, The Big J Show on Hot 101.9, to make this happen.

What are your thoughts?

Are you excited to see such a great choice for the Board of Directors at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter? What are your favorite pets? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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