2 years ago, when I joined on here at Townsquare Billings, I was immediately flung into the... event... called "Billings' Biggest Garage Sale". Those are memories that will stick with me for many years to come, for a multitude of reasons. But, even better than just a garage sale... is one that is Indoors... and gives ALL proceeds to help animals.

Homestead Self Storage's 1st Annual Indoor Yard Sale

Homestead Self Storage, at 3300 Central Avenue here in Billings, is hosting its 1st Annual Indoor Yard Sale on May 11th starting at 7 AM MST.

What is available for sale? I'm not really sure, but, it's pretty safe to assume that this yard sale will be FILLED with stuff people left in their storage units... and defaulted on. So, plenty of good pickings... if that is what's up for grabs.

But, what REALLY matters here is...

Help for Homeless Pets, A NO KILL SHELTER in Billings

Here at TSM Billings, we LOVE animals. We have Wet Nose Wednesday every week, mostly featuring the best doggos around (with a kitty cat thrown in the mix now and again) from Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

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Help for Homeless Pets is another fantastic organization YOU should support.

Help for Homeless Pets (HHP) is a no-kill non-profit dedicated to finding permanent, loving homes for homeless dogs and cats. We have been a registered 501(c)(3) charity since 1998. We are the leading animal rescue group in our primary service area of Billings, Montana.

And, thank you to Homestead Self Storage for giving all the proceeds toward this organization. It simply isn't fair for those animals to spend their days in captivity, just to be put down. The money from this goes toward their mission, and that is something I am happy to support.

If you'd like to donate to Help for Homeless Pets, click the button below.

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