I was at Boot Barn on 24th Street over the weekend doing a live broadcast. While I was there I noticed the Starbucks directly across the street. Something caught my eye. When I looked closer, I saw that they had a large yard sign with an interesting message for cars passing by. The message ready, "Open On Christmas Day!"

I, of all people, know how important it is to make as much money as you can. What bothers me, though, is a place like this doesn't need to be open on the day we remember the birth of Jesus.

Not every one is a Christian. I get that. Our world is trying to tell us that being a Christian is a bad thing and I couldn't disagree more.

There are many non-Christians that still celebrate Christmas for their kids or by simply enjoying the day off.

Regardless, I disagree with businesses being open on Christmas Day. There are enough people that must work on Christmas day. Police, paramedics, hospitals, firefighters and military don't have a choice. These are emergency necessities. Getting up and making someone make you a cup of coffee that you feel you can't go one day living without I think is wrong.

I value this holiday and no matter how much I love Starbucks' coffee, you won't find me in their store at all Christmas Day. No other stores for that matter even.

If you aren't protecting our fine city, please take the day off. We all deserve it.