Pre-coronavirus, Sarah Moyer, owner of Project Lunch in Billings was busy booking catering dates and serving business lunches. Her delivery-only food business focuses on delicious wraps and salads using as many fresh, locally sourced ingredients as possible. They would normally be serving companies all over the area with delicious at-work lunches.

When stay-at-home orders started shutting down schools and businesses, Sarah started wondering about kids and families that might be falling through the cracks of other lunch services, like those offered by School District 2. Job loss, transportation issues and other factors meant that a lot of kids might be going hungry. Sarah wanted to help. Operating strictly on donations, she founded #ProjectLoveBillings. From their website,

#projectlovebillings is bringing our community together to feed kids who have no way to get to their schools for the lunch program.  The community overwhelming supported our cause and we have delivered 399 sack lunches to kids on their doorstep since this began on March 16th.  Instead of reacting with fear, we have chosen to lead with love and feed any and all children who may need lunch.  

When I spoke with Sarah and volunteer Ione Young last week on the phone, they told me that they had delivered over 200 lunches in Billings that day. That's around 1,000 meals per week to hungry kids in our community! Ione is one of the delivery drivers and she shared some really touching stories, including amazing attitudes of gratitude from many of the moms, dads and kids on their delivery routes.

Thanks to #ProjectLoveBillings (check out their cool Montana logo'd merchandise for sale) Project Lunch has been able to keep their employees on the payroll at this time and Sarah says that none of their efforts would be possible without donations of time, money or ingredients from the following individuals and groups:

Jen Rahr of Deer Creek Designs
NAI Business Properties
The Produce Depot
Miss Gigi’s Sweets
Tiffany Miller Designs
Walleyes Unlimited - Billings Chapter
Allegra Printing
Billings West High School Class of 1967
Wild Roots Physical Therapy
Montana Gear
Montana Brand Apparel
Swanky Roots
Charter Beef
Yellowstone Valley Food Hub
Thankful Threads
Texas Roadhouse
She also wanted to thank some of their hardworking volunteers like: Dan and Ione Young, Brittany Chandler, and Emma Kerr-Carpenter (who also coordinates the routes and volunteers) for their ongoing efforts.
If you would like to help support the cause, CLICK HERE. If you or someone you know is having trouble feeding their kids during these difficult times, call 406-272-2470.

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