I've heard of some interesting jobs in my lifetime. I've even held a few. This one though, I wouldn't have thought of. If you have the patience, this might be the right job for you.

Have you ever thought that untangling Christmas lights at a professional level might be your higher calling?

A British supermarket chain posted a very specific job ad on its website. They're looking for an "enthusiastic" person to detangle Christmas lights for needy customers this holiday season.

Let's be honest, untangling those things is a total pain. So why not pay someone to do it for you? Right? I know I get tired of buying new lights simply because I can't get the old ones undone after unpacking them from the previous season.

Thank you Tesco for understanding the pain and suffering we all go through when trying to get a little festive for the holidays. It truly can be a pain trying to get those dang things undone without using scissors and defeating the whole purpose.

Hopefully the service will be a hit and maybe someone here in Billings will take note so I can get my lights untangled in time to decorate. Who knows, maybe the lucky job recipient will get to untangle my headphones in the off season. Just saying.

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