I never really thought about this until recently but I can't be the only person that worries when there better half takes off on the bike and it's a long drive.  My little brother rides daily in Phoenix, quick way to get to work there.  His wife doesn't ride and doesn't really care much for the bike.  So she worries, we all do, at least for a second when they take off on the bike.

My brother and his wife use an app daily so she doesn't worry that he's on the side of the road somewhere.  She tracks his whole ride home on her phone.  So she knows why he's late or not home on time.  Pretty cool, makes her feel a lot better about the bike.

The app is Life360, let it worry about where your biker is.  There are tons of apps for bikes.  This is just one, you'll find the one that works best for you.

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